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Time for some Training

I don’t know about you but when someone says training I think of a boring classroom with someone droning on over a power point presentation whilst taking notes, very much like a few of the introduction to film classes I took during my first year at university. What I can say is that the training at Bosch, Neff & Siemens is a far cry from the boring classroom. Last October and May just gone Harry and I attended a total of 4 days training at BSH (Bosch Siemens Home appliances) in Milton Keynes learning a wide variety of new information and brushing up on some of the older facts as well. I decided to write these blog posts to give you, our loyal customers an insight into what we do in order to keep up to date to offer you the best experience and product knowledge.

Welcome to Neff & Bosch

Our average trip to BSH for 2 days of training usually starts the night before with the packing of a suitcase as we are often very kindly put up in a hotel overnight, bags packed we are on the road bright and early to get to Milton Keynes. Once through the training doors it’s time for a lovely cuppa or coffee from the built in coffee machines (in branded cups & mugs of course) before heading up to the training rooms.

Coffee, Training Rooms & Products

As you can see we’re not in a boring class room any more we get hands on with the appliances. I won’t go too far into the nitty gritty of what we learnt on the courses but because of Neff training we can now tell you in depth about Circotherm© and how it works, the differences between the different ranges and the advantages of the N50 3 in 1 oven, to name but a few. What Harry and I enjoy most about these training sessions is that we don’t just sit there and copy out slides. We get to be hands on with the products, we get to learn how to remove the clip on rails and get to feel the differences between the fixed and movable slide and hide handles. Within Bosch and Siemens we get tips on installations & home connect features so we can provide you with the best service possible, this often means we physically carry out the work so we have the practical knowledge not just theoretical.

Harry Shows off the Vario Style Fridge Freezer in Iron Man Colours

Over the two days of training the information does come in thick and fast but we do find this is an advantage as we learn so much more. One of the things Harry and I really appreciate about attending these training courses is we get fed and we get fed well (there’s usually at least 2 breaks and lunch, with the afternoon break often being something sweet.) The great thing about training at BSH is that all the food we are fed is cooked on their products showing us the advantages and unique features, this also gives us ideas for demos we can run in store with you.

Some of the Fantastic Food cooked on Neff Apppliances

This is only a brief snippet of the training we go through in order to have the best knowledge not just on products but also on installations.

So if you have a query about a Bosch, Neff or Siemens appliance why not come in and see us, we are certainly well equipped (and well fed) to answer your questions!

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