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Why does my washing machine sit on the same amount of time for ages?

This is another question I get asked quite a lot in store, so I did some research and spoke to some of our very knowledgeable reps and trainers and I have an answer.

The main answer comes down to a very common factor, that is ourselves and our inaccuracy with detergent whether that is gels, liquids or tabs. Very few people sit with scales next to their washing machines and meticulously weigh out the right amount of clothing along with an accurate amount of detergent for a set program, despite a washing machine being an 9kg machine the program you plan to use might not be for 9kg’s it may just be for 3.5kg’s or 6kg’s.

This leads to the washing machine realising that there is too much detergent in the machine during the rinse cycle, so it decides it needs to run another rinse and maybe even another to ensure that the detergent is gone before it goes into the spin cycle, this leads to the machine appearing to be stuck on the same time for what feels like ages.

The question therefore lies in how do we get around this problem?

A lot of manufacturers now have introduced Auto Dosing Washing machines; one of our favourites is the i-Dos technology from Bosch & Siemens. During the first rinse cycle (before the main wash cycle) the i-Dos does several things to make sure you’re getting the best quality of wash, it detects the weight of the washing and what types of fabrics are in the drum by measuring how long it takes for the water to drain out of the drum after the first rinse cycle. It also detects how dirty the washing is using sensors and then administers a dose of detergent that is required to the nearest ml.

Several members of staff have the Bosch i-Dos machines in their homes and say they use less detergent and get better results from their washing and don’t wait for the washing machine to run extra rinse cycles to finish.

Have any questions about automatic dosing washing machines? Come in store and see them today!


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